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Seeks to a single point, passed in on init.

class rj_gameplay.tactic.seek.Seek(world_state: stp.rc.WorldState, num_seekers: int, formation: stp.formations.Formations)

Bases: stp.tactic.Tactic

Seeks to a single point, passed in on init.


This section of the code is clunky due to the constraint of formations. Currently, if there are more robots seeking than formation regions, it will assign multiple robots to regions by resetting the available regions.

At the time of this role creation, we are in Divison B, which is why this is not a big issue. In the future, this must be handled according to the todo above.

init_roles(self, world_state: stp.rc.WorldState)
tick(self, world_state: stp.rc.WorldState) List[Tuple[int, rj_msgs.msg.RobotIntent]]
property needs_assign(self)
is_done(self, world_state: stp.rc.WorldState) bool